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Yahoo! Search Marketing places ads for your business in search results on the Web’s most popular destination, enabling you to reach more customers. It’s a great way for you to connect with the ideal customers-the ones already interested in what your business offers. With text ads that appear in search results, you promote your business to people who are actively searching online for your products or services. And you pay only when your ad is clicked. Yahoo! attracts “more than half a billion consumers every month in more than 30 languages.

Microsoft & Yahoo formed the Yahoo! and Bing Search Alliance and it’s now called the Yahoo Bing Network. So you can reach 151 million U.S. searchers on Yahoo Search, Bing and their partners by creating a Bing Ads account. Bing and Yahoo ads are known to convert at a higher rate than Google AdWords ads.

Yahoo Bing Network

Since Yahoo and Microsoft formed the Yahoo Bing Network, Yahoo! Search Marketing is no longer serving ads to Yahoo owned properties. So, as part of the new Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance, Bing Ads is now the single platform that serves ads on Yahoo Bing Network which is a combined ad marketplace made up of Yahoo, Bing, and their syndicated partner such as Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Coupon Code

Advertise on Yahoo for FREE using the following promotional coupons:

If you’re from U.S., Sign Up here for credits worth $50.
If you’re from Canada, Sign Up here for credits worth $50.
If you’re from U.K., Sign Up here for credits worth £50.
If you’re from France, Sign Up here for credits worth €50.
If you’re from India, Sign Up here for credits worth Rs. 500.
If you’re from Australia, Sign Up here for credits worth $40 AUD.
If you’re from New Zealand, Sign Up here for credits worth $40 NZD.


As you can see, the promotional coupon credit is different for each country. The Bing Ad credit for U.S. & Canada is $50, for U.K. it’s £50, for India it’s Rs. 500, for France it’s €50, for Australia it’s $40 AUD, and for New Zealand it’s $40 NZD. And your address, currency, and coupon code should match (e.g. UK address, UK currency [£], UK promo code). You can’t change the currency once the account is created so make sure that the coupon is for the same currency and country you’re located, otherwise it’ll not work properly since the adCenter promo codes are considered as type of currency.

Recommended: Free Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Credits Worth $300

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Sign up for a Bing Ads account today and start your Search Engine Marketing campaign with free advertising credit.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Promo Coupon Redemption Details

Offer expires on June 30, 2014 and applies to new Bing Ads advertisers only. Any portion of the free advertising credit not used within 90 days from the date you signed up will expire. Ads must be stopped after ad credit is used up or within 90 days from date account was opened, whichever comes first, or your credit card will be charged for advertising clicks. Offer valid only to residents of US, Canada, UK, India, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Mahesh Mohan

Hey there, I’m Mahesh (@maheshone) — Chief Content Strategist @ Minterest and an organic marketing evangelist. I write about tech, marketing, and everything in between that truly excites me. Outside of that, I’m equally passionate about the financial markets, and also spend A LOT of time doing random things. Also, the Chief Everything Officer (@Infirn Labs).

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  • IndiaMobiletalk,

    Thanks for that. Well, alll the coupons will work if you see the credit on the billing page. I have tested some of them and it worked.

    – Mahesh

  • Some of the codes are wrong. For example:

    US1854 shows $100 on the signup page but at the end, is only worth $50.

    GB0304 shows £50 instead of £60

    I didn’t bother checking the rest.

  • Hello Wanna,

    I have checked the FAQ section and find that “The minimum bid for each click is variable and starts from £0.05. Please note that as the minimum bid depends on the specific search term, certain keywords will have a minimum bid of £0.05 and others a minimum bid of £0.10.”

    Just go to and see Product Features > FAQs

    – Mahesh

  • kriss,

    Hey I have already replied to your query here I have copied the same here… Well, to make it more clear…. You open an account using the promo code X to advertise the URL and then you can signup for another account using the promo code Y to advertise the URL and so on…

    What they say is that… if we use the same URL then the system would recognize that and return an error.. so that your account will be flagged…

    And yes you can do like this.. first open an account with the promo code X and advertise your URL and once you redeemed all your credits you can signup for another account using the promo code Y and advertise the same URL…

    The fact is that you cant advertise the same URL or website using multiple accounts… then it will be called manipulating the search results..

    – Mahesh

  • hi,
    mahesh thanks for replying,
    1. can i use vcc for opening ysm, it is genuine vcc , given citicards usa…this is my first question.
    2. i am a affiliate of shareasale and cj, can i use same affiliate link on all of my account, but the display url will be different all accounts…can i open many accounts on same address( usa address, genuine one,, related with my credit card)…do ysm people will check my url usage of used nil balance accounts, while i open a new acount under some x website name & xxxxx product…or they wont consider anything after passed from billing dept & made account online.

  • kriss,

    To your first question… I am not sure whether it would work or not. I have tried a VCC and it didnt worked… they accepted that during sign up but then declined that… it depends on the kind of VCC too… so you can give a try for that…

    Regarding your second query… i didnt get your first query “can i use same affiliate link on all of my account” and to the other question yes you can sign up for as many accounts as you can using the same credit card and address… but you must use a different URL and Promo Code… and once you redeemed all the credit you can use that URL again…

    – Mahesh

  • hi,
    after signing up multi accounts in ysm….around 10, can i change the billing information on each account after getting the promotional credit ….or can i have the same billing info on all acconts…pls reply

  • kriss,

    Yes you can use the same address for all those accounts. Well, I suggest you to open multiple accounts one by one otherwise they may consider you as spam.

    – Mahesh

  • hi,
    how many accounts can i open month….can i use cj link all for all those get commissions…….do i face any problem any problem in this situation, i am using a single ip for all acounts while sign up…do cj suspect me …

  • kriss,

    I would say don’t do that. CJ will terminate your account. Yahoo provides only $25 Coupon to its affiliates. All the $100 Coupon links in my blog are Non-Affiliate links. And DONT Sign Up for multiple accounts that often. Just sign up for a couple of accounts and then sign up for another account after redeeming all the credits in the first two accounts. And do the same again only if you are getting credits.

    – Mahesh

  • hi,
    thanks mahesh….do cj terminate the account? why what is the reason….all the sign ups were genuine one…another thing…yahoo billing dept is too good….can i sign up around 10 accounts per month using cj links….even i included the details about that…my promotion method.i will buy some items personal and some for business

  • kriss,

    Yes, they will terminate the account if they discover any unusual activity. You can’t sign up for Yahoo Search Marketing using your own affiliate links. But its safe to assume that it doesnt matter if you did for just one account if you sign up for multiple accounts using your own affiliate links then CJ will detect that and may ban you. If you marked your CJ account as self referral then you can Sign Up from your own affiliate links. But then Yahoo wont accept you for their affiliate program.

    – Mahesh

  • kriss,

    There is no Maximum.. just Sign Up for another account when one all the credits are redeemed. Anyway I am sure that Yahoo wont allow you to Sign Up for say 30 accounts (i.e one account per day) a month. So be on the safe side and Sign Up only when you require credits.

    – Mahesh

    can we use hdfc bank net safe credit card vcc….for opening ysm accounts….wheather it works or not? please reply mahesh…

  • Kriss,

    I have tried that several times. No use. Yes, we can sign up using VCC but they will detect that and will flag the account. Same is the case with adCenter.

    – Mahesh

  • hi,
    i know a person….who is selling ysm click worth 130$… activated accounts for 75$………he said it come with 100% gurantee & refundable……can i buy accounts from him…for such price….or not to buy…please help me in this case.

  • Kriss,

    It’s entirely upto you. I cant comment on that but if am right then its against Yahoo’s terms. We are not supposed to sell YSM accounts. If you buy someone’s account then you are taking a RISK.

    – Mahesh

  • hi,
    mahesh….i have opened a ysm account…last week man….but yahoo did not gave permission to login into that account, i contacted them today about this issue….through telephone….they said i have opened multiple accounts using same promotional buy depositing minimum amount……….
    but today…..i just now i have created another account….but i am having no problem with this account…even yahoo people know that today i have opened account……
    so in order to avoid such problem in future can i change contact address in all depleted accounts… that they dont have any information about me for my past account created…..
    but i will give a real address for my existing & future accounts……..
    please reply to your stuff….

  • Kriss,

    Well, I think its because you tried to abuse their system by creating multiple accounts at the same time. As I said earlier do that one by one only when your previous account is redeemed fully.

    – Mahesh

  • I’d like to use the first $100 coupon code that you offer in this page, but at the bottom of Yahoo!’s page it shows the following restriction:
    “Offer open to new Sponsored Search advertisers in the US market only.”

    I am in Central America, will this code work for me or does it only work for US advertisers?

  • Cdude,

    The Yahoo coupon works for all. You can sign up from any country but advertise ONLY on US. It means your target country must be US and Canada only.

    – Mahesh

  • hi,
    I wonder if I was doing wrong, why is it every time I wanted to activate the account I have to make a payment first ?? and for UK the deposit is even lager than the free credit amount??

    because on bidvertiser, i have the free credit directly..

  • Hi Mahesh Mohan,

    Cheers. Your blog is very good and informative but I still have a few qns regd YSM. Wud u be kind enough to clarify?

    1)I am frm India. Can I use these YSM coupon links to advertise to US(shud I give a US billing address?).

    2)Can I use unverified PP to pay YSM

    3) If I use PP as my payment how do I cancel/stop yahoo frm further charging my PP account, when my balance depletes.

    4)Can I use the same PP acc to sign for multiple YSM accounts(1 after the other,After availing the balance)

    If u cud clarify all these doubts, tht wud be great.


  • Hi Ashok,

    Sorry for the delay I was out of the town. Yeah, you can use the coupons to advertise in US Search Market using a Billing address from India (No need for US Address.) Regarding your PayPal question I never Signed Up using PayPal. Please check their FAQ or ask their sales team. You can stop the auto payouts by going to PayPal > Profile > Pay List and cancel the auto payment there. As we can use the same credit card to open multiple accounts the same must hold true for PayPal also.


  • Hi Mahesh,

    Thanks for answering my question. Can you post a YSM coupon link that is greater than $100(and that works)?

    Looking for your reply.

  • Hi Mahesh,

    Thanks for ur reply. I have a couple of Bing Advertising(adcenter) coupons. I want to open a adcenter account to avail those coupons.

    Do VCC’s work with adcenter accounts? Do u have any experience regd Adcenter? Kindly suggest.

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Mahesh Mohan

Hey there, I’m Mahesh (@maheshone) — Chief Content Strategist @ Minterest and an organic marketing evangelist. I write about tech, marketing, and everything in between that truly excites me. Outside of that, I’m equally passionate about the financial markets, and also spend A LOT of time doing random things. Also, the Chief Everything Officer (@Infirn Labs).