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Microsoft released Windows 8 last month and it was the first time I bought something on its launch day. I got my copy of Windows 8 as I bought the laptop on the same day. It was the second most awaited Windows OS for me, the first being Windows XP.

When Windows XP was launched everyone loved to hate it. People tried to convince me to uninstall the Windows XP which was preloaded with my COMPAQ and switch to Windows 98. And then when Windows Vista launched they wanted me to switch to Windows XP.

I never hated Windows Vista and I loved it more than XP. Windows 7 is probably the most successful operating system by Microsoft. But I never spent more than an hour on it as I was still using Vista. I believe that the migration from Windows 98 to XP and Windows XP to Vista was something exciting as the GUI was all different. Remember ‘Aero’?. But that was not the case with Windows 7. Why? Because Windows 7 is more or less Windows Vista itself. The only significant difference is it’s not as resource hungry as Vista. So this upgrade is definitely exciting for me.

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Okay, coming back! Now Windows 8 is here and Microsoft has introduced a new exciting interface dubbed as “Metro UI“. It features a new Start screen mimicking the GUI of tablets and mobile phones. I’m not going to write yet another review of Windows 8 but all I want to say is that it’s amazing. A Windows 8 PC is like a tablet which boots and reboots in seconds giving a tablet/mobile like experience. Turn it on and you’ll see the Start screen in no time.

But Then Why Does The New Metro Doesn’t Make Any Sense To Me

Windows 8 — Start Screen

The new Metro Interface is like a PC within another PC for me. There’s no real reason for me to visit the Start screen as I don’t have anything there. I need to open the Start screen only to open software applications. If I add a shortcut to those software applications on my desktop then there’s no real reason for me to check the so called “Metro Interface“.

But that said, sometimes I frequently switch between Metro and Desktop as it’s a kind of obsession to me. I just visit the Metro for fun and nothing else because I love the Start screen and the way all the apps are arranged. Not to mention the live tiles (inspired from Windows Phone).

They say “Windows 8 isn’t meant for mice — it’s meant for fingers.” but it’s a non-sense. If you think about the Metro Interface then yes it works best with touch screens. But then there’s a normal desktop too and it works just like your Windows 7 PC.

Windows 8 Start Screen & Me

Though I love the Start screen as I said it doesn’t make any sense to me. The new Start screen means “more clicks” to me as I don’t spend the time within the Metro Interface.

Windows 8 — Start Menu 'Right-click'

But what I like about it is that a right-click gives access to Task Manager, Device Manager, Power Options, Control Panel, Search you can see.

‘Windows + Q’ Do A Hell Lot Of Job

Windows 8 — Search

I don’t use keyboard shortcuts other than those basic ones. But the shortcut “Windows + Q” does a hell lot of job. It’s like a Google search for your desktop. A “Windows + Q” takes you directly to search and it begins searching as you type. You choose where to search – Apps, Settings, or Files (and its contents).

Windows 8 Is Super Smooth

Windows 8 is smooth, fast, intuitive and It feels great to navigate and use applications as it gives the experience of a tablet/mobile operating system.

Windows Store – What’s That?

Microsoft maybe trying hard to build its own app store much like an Apple App Store. But I almost uninstalled all the apps which I had because I didn’t like the idea of opening full screen apps while working on the desktop. Also, most of the third-party Windows Store apps I tried lacked perfection. That’s the reason why I stick to the official apps released by different companies when it comes to the mobile.

Okay, Now When Does It Matter?

If you love your tablet then you’ll probably love your Windows 8 PC as the Metro interface offers a tablet like experience. I’m not a fan of tablet PCs as I don’t know how to make use of them. Maybe because I’m not into Gaming, Videos, eBooks, etc. But for me the Metro UI is interesting as it adds some colors to your desktop and looks pleasant too.

If all what you do is Music, Videos, Browsing, Reading, Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.) then you’re going to love the Metro UI!

Windows 8 Is The Next Windows Vista, Really?

Windows Vista Launch

At least that’s what it seems like. Windows 8 is ‘Windows reimagined’ but it could be the next Windows Vista. The Windows Vista was launched with a “Wow” but the “Wow” failed.

One of the primary reason why Vista failed was that it was not compatible with old PCs as it was resource hungry. Hence It was slower than its predecessor Windows XP which is still popular with over 30% market share and Windows Vista holds less than 10% market share according to StatCounter.

Now Windows 8 is also going to have a similar problem. Why? Because that ‘Start menu’ which everyone was familiar with since Windows 95 launch is gone. It’s replaced with a ‘Start Screen’ which may confuse people, even those tech savvy, a bit. Hence it’s going to have another adoption problem. But I loved the Vista when it was launched as it was something new to me and same is the case with Windows 8.

And I feel that the next successful OS after Windows 7 by Microsoft could be Windows 9 (or whatever it is) and not 8. They may launch Windows 9 like Windows 7 which was basically a Service Pack to Windows Vista.

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Agnostic, Apolitical, Bluephile, Brutally honest, Curious, Digital Creator, Finance geek, Marketing ninja, Microsoft fanatic, Multi-passionate nerd, Overthinker, Perfectionist, Workaholic.

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