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You read news and articles daily from a variety of sources, right? Some of them are just news and some others are worth a mention on your next or one of your upcoming blog post. But how are you going to bookmark it or archive that story?

There’s Microsoft OneNote, or Delicious, or Google Bookmarks, or Browser Bookmarks, or Pocket etc. But none of them is the best way to archive our blogging research notes. As I wrote earlier Microsoft OneNote is my planner, Google Bookmarks and Browser Bookmarks are my tools to bookmark links permanently. Delicious is also a good bookmarking tool but I almost stopped using it long time back.

So, which is the best note taking app for blogging? I would say Evernote. Why?

[quote]Evernote is Intuitive, Cloud-synced, and Multi-platform with Offline access.[/quote]

Evernote Review: Why Evernote Is My Perfect Blogging Companion

I find articles, links, videos, pictures via Web, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Zite etc. and whenever I come across an interesting item I will want to bookmark it. So the easiest way is to bookmark them to our browser bookmarks and then later archive them elsewhere and make it searchable.


With Evernote you can easily do that. That’s not all. Evernote is tightly integrated with popular Read It Later app Pocket. And since Pocket is integrated with Twitter, Google Reader and Zite you can easily add an item to Evernote from Pocket app.

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I don’t prefer adding links to Evernote directly as I want to review them and then add it manually to the right “Note” (as we can create multiple notes and notebooks within the app).

Evernote Web Clipper

If you’re too lazy to do things manually then Evernote Web Clipper is the one to go for. It’s available for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. I prefer keyboard shortcuts instead of Web Clipper. But with Web Clipper you can clip an entire web page (including text, images, and links) and can access them offline.

Evernote Hot Keys Are Magical

Evernote Hot Keys

Evernote’s Hot Keys (or keyboard shortcuts) are fantastic to work with. I love Evernote’s Screen Capture feature. Evernote’s default keyboard shortcut for Screen Capture is [Windows + Print Screen]. But I suggest you to choose your own custom keys (you can set your own custom keyboard shortcuts in Evernote options). As you can see I set [Windows + S] as my Evernote Screen Capture keyboard shortcut. What’s so nice about Evernote’s Screen Capture utility is that it shows the width and height (in pixels) of the selected screen portion in real time.

Evernote Screen Capture

Now when you press the keyboard shortcut you can clip the full screen or capture only a portion of the screen  using your mouse pointer. Once you select the portion of the screen and release the mouse button the captured portion of the screen will be saved automatically to your Evernote. If you want to send the clip to a different destination then press Control or Shift before releasing the mouse button. The captured portion will be saved to your desktop as a PNG file when you press the “Shift” key before releasing the mouse button and it will be saved to your Clipboard if you use the “Control” key so that you can paste the Screenshot directly to your Paint app, or Evernote, or Windows Live Writer, or Photoshop, or wherever you want.

Customize Syncing

Once you install Evernote you’ll want to modify its default options. Evernote is a powerful app but it doesn’t have as much options as with most other Word Processor apps. Go to Evernote > Tools > Options. In “General” tab make sure that you choose “Launch Evernote at Windows login”. And in “Sync” tab select “Enable sync notifications”, “Synchronize in the background”, and “Synchronize automatically” (Every hour).

Evernote Word & Resource Counts

Evernote Word and Resource Counts

Evernote Word Count feature is yet another reason why I love this app. Word Count is one thing which I regularly need whether it’s for blogging, or while writing titles or writing a bio or for quickly counting the number of words in a paragraph or a web page. I hate launching Microsoft Word only to count the number of words or characters in a paragraph.

With Evernote you can copy-paste a paragraph or a web page (use Paste as Text on right-click menu in Evernote) so that it shows the number of Words and Characters of the note in the status bar itself (so that you don’t have to click another button to get the stats).

Evernote for Windows: How Does It Looks Like?

Evernote Windows desktop app should look something like this without any customization:

Evernote for Windows Screenshot

The “Left Panel” (or Sidebar), “Note Info”, “Favorites Bar” is shown by default and you can hide the same by unchecking those options from the “View” menu.

My Evernote Windows App Looks Like:

Evernote for Windows (Personalized)

As you might have noticed, it’s very clean with no annoying sidebar or additional note information or favorite bar. Since I use Evernote to keep notes temporarily I don’t use tags at all. The tags shown in the above screenshot are for a demo only. Tags works best if you manage multiple Notebooks with 100s of notes within each notebook. Since I have only one notebook with less than 50 notes I don’t need the tags.

Evernote Is Available For [Web + Windows + Mac + Mobile + Tablet]

Evernote For Computers & Mobile Devices

Evernote is everywhere! It’s available for your Windows, Mac, Mobile (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android, and WebOS), and yeah, you can always access your notes from any computer (or even mobile) by using your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox). Log on to

Send Notes To Your Evernote Account Using E-mail

You can add notes to Evernote using e-mail as well. When you sign up for an Evernote account you get a unique e-mail  address that should look like [email protected].

When you send an email to your unique e-mail address, it will create a new note in your Evernote account and it will use the e-mail subject as the new Note’s title. More information is available here.

Create Blog Post Template

WordPress or even Windows Live Writer (my favorite publishing tool) don’t support blog post templates but you can use your Evernote to create an HTML Template of a blog post and copy-paste the same to Windows Live Writer to save time.

For example, all my Minteresting Friday posts have the same style and format so it makes sense to create an HTML Template note within Evernote. I mentioned HTML template so that you can copy-paste that source directly to Windows Live Writer’s source as otherwise the font styling may differ.

If you’re a digital marketer (or a blogger) then keyword research is just a part of you. So you can also use Evernote to keep a backup of all your keyword research information.

Here’s Why Evernote Is Awesome [Official Video]

Evernote Demo

So now you know why Evernote is my (and probably your?) perfect blogging companion and one of the best (and free) productivity tool.

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Hey there, I’m Mahesh (@maheshone) — Your friendly neighborhood blogger and an organic marketing evangelist. I write about tech, marketing, and everything in between that truly excites me.

Outside of that, I’m equally passionate about the financial markets, and also spend A LOT of time doing random things.

Also, the Chief Everything Officer (@Infirn Labs). Say hi: [email protected]

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Mahesh Mohan

Hey there, I’m Mahesh (@maheshone) — Your friendly neighborhood blogger and an organic marketing evangelist. I write about tech, marketing, and everything in between that truly excites me.

Outside of that, I’m equally passionate about the financial markets, and also spend A LOT of time doing random things.

Also, the Chief Everything Officer (@Infirn Labs). Say hi: [email protected]


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