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100+ Random Facts About Me

Mahesh Mohan
Mahesh Mohan (@maheshone)

First Published: May 26, 2013; Last Updated: Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

A list of over 100 random facts about me. I don’t know if they’re interesting or not. But seriously, I’ve listed (almost) all random things that I know about myself. Here you go!

Me, Myself, & I

  1. I was born in 1985.
  2. I’m a Leo but I know it doesn’t mean anything.
  3. I’m 5’11”.
  4. I hate my name but I love ‘M’
  5. I’m a Microsoft fanatic.
  6. I have two elder sisters.
  7. I’m an engineering graduate.
  8. But I took an extra 5 years to complete my graduation. Thanks to world wide web.
  9. I hate liars.
  10. I rarely say “Sorry” but I mean it when I say it.
  11. I say more “Nos” than “Yes”. And I consider it as a privilege.
  12. I used to dance when I was a kid.
  13. My favorites change rarely… in fact very rarely.
  14. I have never read a book in my entire life.
  15. I don’t like to follow trends.
  16. I watched the Gangnam Style song only after it hit one billion views and I hate it. Actually, I rarely like videos or pics or whatever that goes viral.
  17. I have never played Angry Birds, or Candy Crush, or Pokémon GO, or whatever. And I’ve no idea about how it looks or what it means to others. In fact, I don’t have a single gaming app on my phone or PC.
  18. I seek value in almost everything I do (and imagine).
  19. And I also try to see the logic in almost everything I see/hear.
  20. I can count the number of friends that I have.
  21. My real-life besties are @NebuSamJohn and @BoneySudhakar.
  22. I’m a bit obsessive about cleanliness and personalization.
  23. I can spend countless hours organizing things so that it looks like the way I want.
  24. I try to pay attention to every single thing that I can and I love to pay attention to details.
  25. I try to make sure that things are symmetrical (when it comes to arrangement and organizing stuff).
  26. And I prefer odd numbers over even numbers and I take it way too seriously when it comes to numbering stuff.
  27. I love it when I see things the way I want to see them. But I also make sure that no one notice it unless I disclose about it.
  28. I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively.
  29. I also love to organize my desktops or mobile home screens — like this, this or this (Have you noticed any pattern? Do let me know!) ;)
  30. Everything in my computer is perfectly organized in folders within folder, within folder, within folder…
  31. I tend to follow an alphabetical ordering when arranging things on my computer and mobile.
  32. And I spend a lot of time on such things that no one ever cares about.
  33. I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my headphones pretty seriously.
  34. I still love backing up stuff by emailing myself.
  35. I have no idea what alcohol tastes like. And I never smoked a cigarette too. Seriously.
  36. And no, it’s not because I do not like it  — but it’s for the ‘kick’ that I get when I say ‘No’ to it.
  37. And I don’t like ice creams as much as you do.
  38. I prefer coffee over tea.
  39. I love Coke.
  40. And I love French fries.
  41. Diet? Well, I’m a non-veg. But a wanna be vegan (if at all it’s possible for me).
  42. Not a foodie either.
  43. Some call me nerd. Some call me geek. Some call me weirdo. Some call me psycho. Some call me shy. And some even call me smart.
  44. I rarely (very, very rarely) get bored.
  45. I don’t call others bad words (in fact I hate when you use it) even if they annoy me.
  46. I never had to fight with friends (or others) in a serious way whether it’s physically or verbally after teenage.
  47. But I have ignored a handful of friends when I realized that they weren’t trustworthy (to either me or others).
  48. Also, I think I overreact when there’s no real reason. And I may not react when there’s a real reason to do so.
  49. I don’t give compliments unless I feel that you truly deserve it.
  50. I hate all those ceremonies, parties, rituals, etc. unless you do it for yourself and not to show-off or to please others.
  51. I sound rude until you get to know me. The problem is… I don’t know what’s rude and what’s not.
  52. I’m a good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption.
  53. If you know me very well then you probably know that I rarely understand sarcasms and probably ironies.
  54. I hate bullying and if you bully me or others then you’re simply giving me a chance to ignore you forever.
  55. I’m obsessed with color ‘blue’.
  56. My favorite number is ‘3’ since childhood.
  57. My favorite weekday is “Wednesday”. Of course it was “Friday” when I was at school.
  58. And I do not like the idea of starting a week with “Sunday” — it’s supposed to be “Monday”.
  59. I prefer sans-serif fonts over serif fonts.
  60. My favorite font is “Myriad Pro” (yes, that’s the font of my logo too — ever since I started this blog). I also like the extremely popular “Arial” font as I never get bored of it.
  61. I’m not a lover of open-source software and I really prefer proprietary software. But WordPress is an exception.
  62. I think and overthink about almost everything. And I can easily spend countless hours doing nothing but thinking.
  63. That’s why I like quiet. In the morning, afternoon, evening, and every other time. Well, I’m also a lover of silence.
  64. I just can’t stop caring/thinking about the other side of the coin. Always.
  65. I can live without the Internet or even a PC if I want.
  66. I rarely give promises. Actually, under promise; over deliver — is my personal mantra.
  67. When I do, I always try to keep my promises.
  68. I never ever had to take my words back.
  69. And that’s why I never had to delete my social media posts. Ever.
  70. I never stop Googling things.
  71. I admire Bill Gates.
  72. I love Michael Jackson.
  73. I like Steve Jobs’ presentation.
  74. I hate Samsung and Android almost equally.
  75. I like brands that are not named after its founder(s).
  76. I seek perfection in almost everything I do.
  77. I love (almost) all things perfect. And natural.
  78. And it’s my gift and also my curse.
  79. If I like you then you can’t annoy me easily.
  80. I had a severe mood swing in 2009.
  81. I’m curious about almost everything that I know/wanna know. Actually, my curiosity is something that’s insatiable.
  82. I prefer “plastic” money.
  83. And I do not bargain or negotiate (or at least I rarely do) when it comes to pricing. If the price is right then I’ll be happy and if it’s not then I’ll just move on.
  84. I love capital markets.
  85. And I always try to follow Buffettism when it comes to capital market.
  86. I hate writing or writing is not my thing. But I love blogging. And now journaling too. Thanks @DayOneApp. Or, check out The Fantastic Ten.
  87. I started my first blog on (or in 2004.
  88. I registered my first domain name on March 23, 2005.
  89. Later in 2006, I started Minterest as a personal finance blog on WordPress.
  90. And in 2007, I transformed Minterest into a digital marketing & technology journal. Then, I deleted 90% of the blog posts that I’ve done in the first four years as none of them met the criteria that I’ve set later.
  91. I’m a social media enthusiast. But I hate most social networks — or rather, I don’t like the way people/brands use it.
  92. On the flipside, there was a time when I was addicted (sort of) to Twitter. I used to post a 1,000 tweets a day and Twitter had to block me from further updation — as that was the maximum number of tweets allowed per day per account.
  93. I don’t read newspapers but I scan almost 100 blogs every week.
  94. And I switched totally to streaming platforms from satellite television.
  95. I take at least fifty percent more time to watch an English movie when I watch it for the first time.
  96. Oh yeah, it’s because I rewind over and over and over to confirm who’s who and what’s what.
  97. I find it extremely difficult to speak my mind in a way I want.
  98. And I haven’t done any public speaking in my entire life.
  99. I have launched a YouTube Channel — Onevestor — in 2018.
  100. I talk way too fast when I get super excited.
  101. And I have a view/opinion about almost all things in life except when it comes to my hair cut. A hair salon is the only place where I sit quietly (as long as they want) without any expectations or requirement.
  102. I prefer asynchronous communication and that’s why I prefer email/messaging over phone.
  103. I don’t like religions, religious talks, religious rituals, etc.
  104. And I think I’m agnostic.
  105. I do not like politics and most politicians.
  106. I hate spam and it annoys me to the core when it’s sent by ‘credible’ sources.
  107. I use things the way it’s meant to be used.
  108. I hate it when people typ lyk dis.
  109. Also, I hate it when I see words with incorrect usage of uppercases and lowercases.
  110. But no, I’m not a grammar nazi. Actually, I hate them.
  111. In fact, my English grades were horrible when I was at school.
  112. And I hate to use hyphens when I write. But I love en dashes and em dashes. And yes, I know it’s a weird fact (actually most are), but it’s true.
  113. I like people who display their real name on social media.
  114. I personally don’t like to celebrate my birthdays as I think there are only two days that matters — a birthday and a death-day.
  115. I have a scar on my left palm — the result of an electric shock which happened long time back (or 1997 to be precise). Oh yeah, I used to spend a lot of time with electrical and electronic stuff when I was a kid.
  116. I hate to see selfies that are taken in front of a mirror.
  117. I will have a special admiration for you if you click amazing pictures and write great content.
  118. I prefer .PNG files over .JPEG files as I hate blurred images. In fact, PNG is my favorite computer file extension.
  119. I don’t change my bio often, but I make sure that it’s up-to-date.
  120. Sometimes I’m motivated and sometimes I’m not. And it really depends upon the five Ws — Who, What, When, Where, or Why.
  121. I have never attended any online/offline course ever since I was graduated from college.
  122. I’m self-made and I never had a 9-to-5 job ever in my life. — and I guess that could be my biggest bragging rights.
  123. Needless to say, I never attended any job interviews either.
  124. And it made me realize that the biggest luxury in my (or probably our?) life is the freedom to do whatever I want to and the privilege to say NO to whatever I don’t want.
  125. And yes, I love being me.

Say hi: [email protected] I’m curious to know about you as well. :)

Thanks to Twitter as the hashtag #50RandomThingsAboutMe inspired me to create this list. And I hope to publish #RandomFactsAboutMinterest some other day.