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You visit a shopping website and soon its ads are everywhere you go — on your favorite blog, on news portal, and even on your Facebook. No, it isn’t magic. They’re all retargeted ads. Today, retargeted ads are so popular that it’s everywhere on the web — on Facebook, on Twitter, and even on your favorite blogs and websites.

Retargeting: What Is It? And Why Retarget?

Retargeting (also known as Remarketing) is a form of online advertising in which you’re targeting users who previously visited your website (but is visiting other websites), and left without taking an action.

Why should you retarget users? The reason is… less than 5% of the first time visitors convert to customers. If you have an e-Commerce website and you used a pay-per-click campaign to attract targeted users, then it’s more likely that they will leave your website without buying or signing up.

The bounced visitors may come back to your website once again or maybe they won’t. So you can target those users once again by showing retargeted ads and that makes it easier for them to find you.

Meet Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is an ad platform that allows advertisers to retarget users across the Web, Facebook and Twitter. It allows advertisers to follow-up with their website visitors who didn’t take a desired action on their website — like when a user didn’t buy a product after adding it to the shopping cart. In that case, you can remarket the product to the same user on Facebook or by showing a banner ad across the web.

Unlike a regular Facebook Ad campaign, you don’t have to select locations or demographic or anything like that. The ads will automatically be shown to the people who have been to your website once. And it’s even possible to retarget users who have previously visited specific pages on your website.

So, if at first they didn’t buy your product then you can retarget them by showing the ads again — maybe with a sweetened deal.

How Does Perfect Audience Work

When you sign up for a Perfect Audience account you have to add their “site tracking tag” to all your webpages. This tracking tag automatically places a cookie in all your website visitors’ browser so that they can be tracked anonymously.

That way, you’re building your “retargeting list” which will be used by Perfect Audience to show retargeted ads to your potential customers as they browse the web.

5 Steps To Start Your First Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting can gain a bad reputation if you’re trying to retarget the wrong audience (especially on Facebook). You can check out some best practises for running a Facebook retargeting campaign here.

1. Start Your Free Trial

Sign up for a free Perfect Audience account. You’ll immediately be directed to a welcome screen where you have to select the type of your website. Enter the name of your website and its URL to get started. The first ad campaign is free for 2 weeks or until it reaches $100 in ad spend (whichever happens first).

Select the type of your Website

And then you will be directed to the Perfect Audience Dashboard where you will be able to review the stats of your campaigns when it goes live.

Perfect Audience Dashboard

It shows a quick snapshot of your retargeting campaigns. Before you can start a retargeting campaign you have to install the “site tracking tag” and must have at least 1,000 cookied users.

2. Install The “Site Tracking Tag”.

Install Perfect Audience Site Tracking Tag

If your website is powered by WordPress then you can install the official Perfect Audience Plugin. Drupal users can download the Perfect Audience Module and install on your Drupal website. And if you’re using a third-party e-Commerce software like Shopify, Volusion, 3D Cart, or Goodsie then go here for help.

3. Set Up Conversion Tracking

Set Up Perfect Audience Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is about defining a “Conversion Goal”. It’s an event (e.g. a lead or sale) that you want your visitors to take when they visit your website. Conversions are tracked based on the URLs of your website.

For instance, when a customer completes a purchase they’re usually taken to a “Thank you!” or confirmation page. So you’re going to use its URL for tracking. Now, if a “Thank you” page is missing or you’re using another technique then you have to use the Visitor Tracking API.

Perfect Audience Conversion Goal

Go to: Dashboard > Manage > Conversions to create your first “Conversion Goal”.

4. Create Retargeting Lists

When you add the Perfect Audience tracking tag you’re actually creating a list of users who have visited your website. If you have already placed the site tracking tag then Perfect Audience will automatically create your first Retargeting List named “All visitors”.

Perfect Audience Retargeting Lists

You can go to:  Dashboard > Manage > Retargeting Lists to see your retargeting list and its number of cookied users. You can then create additional retargeting lists so that you can retarget users based on specific criteria.

Creating A New Retargeting List

For example, you can retarget users who have visited specific pages (like or inner pages under a sub-directory (like* or*).

5. Starting Your Retargeting Campaign

Now it’s time to create your first retargeting campaign and (assuming that you have placed the tracking tag and reached the minimum 1,000 cookied users).

Perfect Audience New Campaign

With Perfect Audience, you can create the following types of campaigns: Web Retargeting (to retarget your lost users when they’re browsing other websites), Dynamic Retargeting (to automatically show ads based on the pages your visitors have viewed), Twitter Retargeting (to reach your visitors on Twitter web and mobile apps), and Facebook Retargeting (to reach your visitors on Facebook as ads on the sidebar or newsfeed).

Since it’s a test campaign I’m going to try Facebook Sidebar Campaign. If you’re trying Facebook News Feed Retargeting then make sure that you have connected your Facebook page to Perfect Audience.

If you have previously tried Facebook Ads then you know that it involves few steps like creating ads, defining audience, setting budget etc. Likewise, you have to complete the following steps to start your retargeting campaign on Facebook.

Define Your Audience

Launching A New Facebook Campaign On Perfect Audience

It’s true that you already have a retargeting list, still you’ll  get a chance to filter those users based on their location. Also, if you have multiple retargeting lists then you can include or exclude them individually.

Create Your Ad

Create Ads On Perfect Audience

You can create a new Facebook ad by entering a Title, Description, Target URL and by adding an image (of dimension 600×315). When showing retargeted ads it’s a good practice to rotate ads to avoid annoying your readers.

Set Budget, Pricing, Schedule

Set Budget

The minimum weekly budget for a retargeting campaign is $25. You can set up to 3 conversion goals per campaign.

Perfect Audience is a CPM ad network so you’re paying for every 1,000 page views. There are two types of bidding: Optimized Bidding and Manual Bidding. If you want Perfect Audience to get the widest reach as possible, then set “Optimized Bidding”.

And if you want to control your spending, then go for “Manual Bidding” (but will be available only when you complete the free trial).

Enter Your Billing Information

Perfect Audience Billing Information

Enter the billing information to verify your identity (you won’t be charged) and you’re done. You’ll immediately get an email confirmation about your free trial. The campaign will start serving ads when it’s approved (provided you have cookied 1,000 users).

And when you exceed your free credit you’ll get an email notification and will be charged for additional usage (if the campaign is not paused).


Perfect Audience Active Dashboard

Honestly, the first time I tried Perfect Audience was a couple of years back, when I wanted to see if it would work for affiliate marketing. I did that because I liked the idea of “Retargeting,” and I really thought I would be able to generate some affiliate sales by retargeting users who once visited an advertiser’s website. :D

Then I realized that retargeting can’t be used for affiliate marketing as it involves “tracking tags”. My first retargeting campaign doomed as I didn’t have any digital product to promote.

But now I know what a powerful marketing channel it could be, and how super easy it is to kick-start a retargeting campaign on the web. So, yes, very soon I’ll be creating my “real” remarketing campaign.

Happy Retargeting! :)

Disclosure: This review was Sponsored by Perfect Audience.

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Mahesh Mohan

Hey there, I’m Mahesh (@maheshone) — Your friendly neighborhood blogger and an organic marketing evangelist. I write about tech, marketing, and everything in between that truly excites me.

Outside of that, I’m equally passionate about the financial markets, and also spend A LOT of time doing random things.

Also, the Chief Everything Officer (@Infirn Labs). Say hi: [email protected]


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