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I have tried tons of Search Engine Rank Checker Tools (especially Google Rank Checker) in the past to check my Keyword Ranking. But none of them actually worked for me. Of course, some of them did work but it’s good only to check the first 100 results or maybe 200 results in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). If a Google Position Checker claims that it checks the Top 1000 results then most probably the results are not accurate. And those tools usually show different numbers if we double check the results. So I would say don’t trust those sites.

If you still don’t believe me then try the following Free Google Rank Checker Tools. These are the top Google SERP Checker tools which I got for the queries related to SERP Checker and Keyword Ranking.

Free Google Position Checker

The following tools are the ones which I have tried to check Google Position:

Ranking Check

Ranking Check is a SERP Checker which checks the Search Engine Ranking of your website for a keyword on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It allows you enter 3 keywords at a time and the results are pretty accurate. But it checks only the first 100 results.

Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Checker is the most simple Keyword Rank Checker for your website. Just enter your keyword, domain and click go. I’m not sure how many results does this tool check but from my sample queries I concluded that the results are not accurate. I tried few keywords which are in Top 100 but this tool is showing “No match to be found!”. And, yeah it check only the first 100 results.

Easy SEO Tracking

Easy SEO Tracking Google SERP Checker offers a better interface. But again it only checks the first 100 results and they were not accurate when I tried. It could be because of Google datacenter difference.


SERPrush is a SERP Checker which allows you to check the Search Engine Position in Google, Yahoo and Bing for the .COM and UK versions. SERPrush claims that it checks the top 25 pages of each Search Engine. But it was not working for me at all.


SeoCentro Rank Checker show the results on Google and Bing pretty quick. But it scans only the first 50 results and they were also inaccurate.

Google Position

Google Position Tool is on top for most searches related to SERPs. But all I see is a banner that says “Results Loading…” and finally a MySQL Error after performing a query.

Google Rankings

Google Rankings offers Yahoo!, MSN, Ask and a Google Position Checker. I haven’t tried this tool today as it’s asking for Google SOAP API Key. But I have used this tool before and I guess it was not working for me.


Tools4Google is yet another Google Rank Checker. It’s gives an option to select the first 1000 results with Geo Target. So I tried 3 sample queries and 2 out of 3 was inaccurate. After the third query I noticed a short message that says “You have reached the maximum search options for today!

Search Engine Genie

Search Engine Genie Google Position Checker is ranked very well in Google SERPs. This SERP Checker is better than all the above as the results were almost accurate. So I would recommend this tool if you need to check only few keywords since we can’t enter multiple keywords in one go using this tool. The website says it checks if your URL appears in the first 100 results for your chosen keywords but it checks the first 300 results.


SEOBook offers a Free Search Engine Rank Checker Tool as a Firefox Add-on. Just register for a free account and download the Firefox Add-on Rank Checker. SEOBook Rank Checker is one of the most widely used SERP Checker. It keep track of your Keyword Rankings over time in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. According the author over 500,000 webmasters use SEOBook Rank Checker Firefox Add-on. See the Rank Checker Demo.

The SEOBook Rank Checker is a powerful tool but it’s limitation is that it checks only the first 200 results. So, I almost immediately uninstalled the add-on and searched for an alternative.

Wait, now what is the best way to check your own site for Keyword Rankings according to Matt Cutts (head of Google’s Webspam team)?

How To Check Keyword Ranking On Google SERPs?

Keyword Ranking

So, according to Matt the best way to check your Keyword Rankings is to do the search, scroll through, and see if you’re ranked or not. But he continues by saying that we shouldn’t be really doing that at all as it’s a wrong approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

But I’m sure that people are obsessed with Google PageRank and Google SERPs. In fact I used to check my keyword rankings every day, if not hour, on Google when I first started the blog.

Matt says…

“Rather than concentrating on one specific trophy phrase or two specific trophy phrases, you should be thinking about the long tail and all the different phrases that can bring people to your website. And rather than checking how well do I rank for those, you should be looking at your server logs to see the phrases that people are already searching for and using to find your site.”

So, how to check Keyword Ranking (on Google) accurately?

When the SEOBook Rank Checker didn’t help I was very disappointed. So I searched for similar add-ons but none of them were reliable. But I got a better idea which I believe is the only accurate way to check your Keyword Ranking on Google SERPs. All I need is Firefox and nothing else.

SERP Trends – SERP Tool

SERP Trends shows dynamics on Google SERPs. It is used so as to Number Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Download the Firefox Add-on – SERP Trends

SERP Trends also shows whether the website moved up, down in the SERP, just appeared (is “new”) or hasn’t changed its position. SERP Trends shows how many positions the website lost or raised compared to search you performed the previous day.

Firefox Add-on – SERP Trends

Now, how to make most out of this add-on?

Simply adding numbers to Google SERP won’t help. You need a way to monitor the rankings. So what have I done? I created a “New Private Page” in WordPress and entered all the Keywords which I’m focusing – together with their current rankings on Google SERPs.


1. Keyword A – 13

2. Keyword B – 50

3. Keyword C – 60

So if I want to check the ranking of say “Keyword A” then all I need to do is select the Keyword and Google Search using the right-click menu. And I can easily spot the URL on SERPs by entering my URL in Firefox Find (Ctrl + F).

How to check your search position on Google SERPs using SERP Trends?

The Only Accurate Way To Check Your Keyword Rankings On Google SERPs

Although SERP Trends shows accurate information about whether a site is up or down in SERPs. It sometimes don’t remember history. So I recommend you to keep your own records.

View Source Choice

I also recommend the Firefox add-on – View Source Choice. Firefox by default opens the “View Page Source” in a New Windows instead of New Tab it’s somewhat irritating. And it doesn’t show the right-click menu items in that new window. So the “View Source Choice” plugin is used to open the “Page Source” in a New Tab and it shows “Google Search” in the right-click menu.

Now, why am I using this add-on?

Let’s say you use meta keywords tag for your blog posts. So if you have enabled this add-on then it’s easy to perform a Google Search of those keywords. Just go to your blog post, right-click, and click on the option “VSC View Page Source”. The source code opens in a New Tab and you can right click a keyword and Google search. Now, use the Firefox Find (Ctrl + F) to find your URL in SERPs.

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Hey there, I’m Mahesh (@maheshone) — Chief Content Strategist @ Minterest and an organic marketing evangelist. I write about tech, marketing, and everything in between that truly excites me. Outside of that, I’m equally passionate about the financial markets, and also spend A LOT of time doing random things. Also, the Chief Everything Officer (@Infirn Labs).