I really don’t know how many of you still use Delicious.com (formerly del.icio.us) to bookmark URLs that you find interesting for your own reference. Of course, you can use Google Bookmarks to bookmark or star search results and articles but I use Google Bookmarks only to bookmark sites which I visit regularly and don’t use it to star individual articles as I want to keep my bookmarks clean with few folders or tags.


I’m using Delicious since 2009 to bookmark interesting sites, blogs and articles. But ever since they changed del.icio.us to Delicious.com I have started to hate it. Delicious was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. It was later then acquired by AVOS Systems in 2011 and it became even worse as now I find difficult to manage my bookmarks.

The new Delicious made the bookmarking more complicated by introducing “Stacks” apart from tags and tag bundles. Though they removed the feature recently, I had already made up my mind to switch to something else which makes more sense. I asked my friends and forums for an alternative but it didn’t help either.

What I Really Wanted

What I really wanted was a plugin or a trick or whatever to bookmark websites, blogs, and articles with its description which I find interesting for personal reference and wanted to make all this searchable as well (preferably using Google search).

Again, there is a Twitter or a Facebook but it’s good only to share and not save bookmarks. Twitter is good to share links but there is no official way to search old tweets. Else we will have to mark each and every tweet we like as a favorite which is not a feasible way.

So, What’s The Solution Now?

I considered Tumblr.com (though it’s a micro-blogging service and not a social bookmarking platform). I tried Tumblr back in 2009 but never created an account there as I was a crazy tweeter. So, I checked few of the popular Tumblr accounts and tried its search function but unfortunately it was not working (at least for me).

Posterous & Tumblr

Then I turned to Posterous.com (a Tumblr alternative which has been acquired by Twitter). Once again, I checked few Posterous blogs. Voila! It works perfect! Before signing up on Posterous I looked for more microblogging platforms (alternatives to Tumblr and Posterous).

Then I got a Twitter like theme for WordPress which was perfect for me and I tried the same on one of my personal blogs. It was working fine and the search results were accurate (thanks to WordPress once again).

P2 WordPress Theme by Automattic

P2 Theme by Automattic is a WordPress theme inspired by Twitter itself and it features posting right from the front page (while you’re logged in), threaded comments on the homepage, in-line editing, real-time notifications etc.

But wait, there is another way and that’s a Tumblr Style WordPress Theme. So, I considered few such themes and selected “Casual” which is a free WordPress tumblog theme with infinite color options and personal layout. It uses the plugin WooTumblog to transform your blog into a Tumblr-style blog (read plugin documentation here). Once you install the plugin you can create posts directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Read: 7 Awesome Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

And, the result? I got my own microblogging platform powered by WordPress. Preview my live blog here https://www.matrics360.com/one/. Now, you may ask why I have created this blog.

The following quote by Albert Einstein says it all:

[quote]“Never memorize what you can look up in a book.” – Albert Einstein[/quote]

And, I would rewrite that quote as:

[quote]“Never memorize what you can Google.”[/quote]

Now, I’m not considering it as a personal blog. It’s a kind of social bookmarking + micro blogging or a live blog where I will be posting interesting articles and link tailored for Digital Marketers and Geeks out there.

That's What I Want

Image Credit: Tumblr

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Mahesh Mohan

Agnostic, Apolitical, Bluephile, Brutally honest, Curious, Digital Creator, Finance geek, Marketing ninja, Microsoft fanatic, Multi-passionate nerd, Overthinker, Perfectionist, Workaholic.

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